Experience hotel

At the moment we are creating a experience hotel with Älvdalens history as a basis. Here you will take part of the history of Hagström who in 1925 started the factory with the production of accordions in Älvdalen and later exported guitars worldwide. World artists such as Elvis, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie have all played on Hagström guitars.

Marvel at Porfyrverken, that were here 150 years ago, which includes the sarcophagus, as King Karl XIV Johan rests, were manufactured. Learn about the terrifying witch trial that started here in the village of Åsen in the late 1300’s and visit the places where witches were burned at the stake.

Get to know the dance band Larz-Kristerz and Princess Sofia’s home village. Take the opportunity to learn some sentences in Elfdalian, our own language. Perhaps you’ll encounter together with Stefan Nykvist in our restaurant. Or Lena Willemark who also visits her home now and then. 

The story of us

Already in 1912 was the first hotel here. A white wooden building with turrets and towers. 1950 also there was a bank in the same building. 1986 swedish company Skanska built on behalf of the municipality of Älvdalen a new hotel with 52 rooms and a restaurant. It was operated by Älvdalens municipality to the mid-1990s when it was bought by Inger and Anders Lundqvist. They ran the hotel on until 2012. The hotel was then sold to the families Risander and Zetterman. After three years, the family bought Risander out and in the current situation the hotel is owned by the families Berglund and Zetterman. 


We are a great team who works at Hotel Älvdalen where the motto is that it should be fun and familiar. We think service and will always do our best to make you feel comfortable. When you come to our hotel we hope that you feel like you are one in the family with us! 

Interested in working with us this summer?

We are looking for staff in the kitchen, restaurant and cleaning.
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We are currently renovating the hotel so it can get a little messy and noisy at times. We sincerely apologize for it and hope you have patience.

Find us

By car
Hotel Älvdalen is located in the center of Älvdalen with close to two grocery stores. Älvdalens Sportcenter where you among other things can rent your skis. A sports hall with groomed ski trails in the winter. Ice rink and public swimming pool with 50 meter pool and Älvdalens beautiful church.

By train
It takes about 4 hours from Stockholm to Mora with SJ. There are six daily tours on weekdays, fewer on weekends. Then take the bus to Älvdalen which takes about 30 minutes.

By bus
Bus Services between Stockholm and Mora are daily and the trip takes 4.5 hours. The traffic handled by Masexpressen emanating from Mora Train Station. Then take the bus to Älvdalen which takes about 30 minutes.

Dalatrafik provides bus connections in the municipality and between municipalities in the county.