We create room for experience and encounters between people

Hotel Älvdalen has gained a lot of knowledge and energy through the time. Many people choose to attend a conference in one of our four conference rooms, our largest conference room takes 150 seated participants. We also want to allege that we have access to the world’s largest conference venue – our nature.


Is our largest conference room with space for 150 seated people. Here you confer in an environment that is inspired by the Hagström factory that existed right here in Älvdalen. Machines used in their manufacturing of accordions and guitars are now part of the decor here in “our factory”. One of the walls is also covered with a photo wall paper from that era. There is of course also all the modern technical equipment you may need. 


Has space for about 14 people in boardroom. For those who want an intimate yet exclusive feeling of your meeting. Here are all the technical equipment you need, including an LED TV


Is our little dining in the restaurant with seating for about 16 people. Here you can attend conferences in the cozy library environment. Many people choose to put their meetings here and we rigs with the equipment you need. 


Located in the restaurant, upstairs with room for about 40 people. Here you confer with Hagström guitars on the walls. World artists such as Elvis, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie, all of which have played on Hagström Guitars, gazing out at you from the walls. We rigs with the equipment you need.


We make it easy for you!

Choose from our complete conference package. Price example: 200: – / pers. Contact us for a offer.

Lisslan – conferences with full board (snack, lunch, evening dinner, accommodation and breakfast).

Millo – conferences with full board (coffee, lunch, 2-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast).

Sturan – conferences with full board (refreshments, 2-course lunch, three-course dinner, accommodation and breakfast).

Day conference – incl. snacks, lunch and local.

Our facilities possess:

*  Standard equipment
*  Cannon
*  Free wifi
*  Whiteboard
*  Pens and notebooks
*  Fruit and water

 Free WIFI is available in all our facilities.


Combining conference with activities, or simply to add the conference outdoors, provides an overall experience that participants will never forget. Maybe you want to surprise the participants with a dinner in the nature?

We offer packaged experiences, fast paced activities, nature experiences and training in partnership with various actors in our neighborhood.

Contact us and we will help you stitch together a program that will suit you!