River-, Forest-, Mountain Empire

Do you want to immerse yourself in Älvdalen and its exciting history? With Hotel Älvdalen as a base, you can leisurely explore Älvdalen whit vicinity. Find out more about Hagstrom epoch, Porfyren, our own language; Elfdalian, or if you dare, take part in the witch trials that started in the village of Åsen in Älvdalens municipality during the late 1300’s.

The scenery is magnificent and invites to fantastic rambling. In winter, we have plenty of groomed ski trails and of course the snowmobile trails.

Älvdalen is located in the heart of Dalarna. In our neighborhood, we have everything from the mysterious forest to the mountains glorious expanses. Siljans stunning cultural area and the Eastriver magical fishing.

The Vasalopps arena

It’s here just waiting for you. An arena created by nature itself, accessible and beautiful, framed by small chalet villages and sparse pine forests, crossed by dirt roads and paths beaten out as generations of local people made their way between the villages.

Vasaloppet’s nature reserve trail is 90 kilometer long and starts at the same place as the ski race. It reaches Mora which is home to the Zorn Museum, Zorn old house, Dalacarlian-horse manufacturing and of course, the finish line near the Vasaloppet’s House.

Through Älvdalen you will pass Mångsbodarna, there you can visit a water-powered saw house, a wood planing house, a chop saw, a watermill, a sandstone quarry, a system of water channels and a schoolhouse. In Risberg there is a village with many old chalets and in Evertsberg there is a chapel with an altarpiece, a plunder from war taken from Lübeck which is dated back to 1490. Don’t miss the natural bath in Skeppshussjön just before Evertsberg. From Boggberget you have a nice view of the hills of Sälen, Oxberg and Gopshus.

Porphyry & Hagströms Museum

Welcome to the Porphyry & Hagströms museum in Älvdalen. Here you can find unique porphyry and instruments made of  The Hagström factory. Porphyry is considered one of the hardest rocks in the world and is therefore suitable for grinding and polishing.

Älvdalen – The home of Hagström
The firm AB Albin Hagström was involved in manufacturing over 1 million accordion, guitars and PA- systems during the operation time in Älvdalen. The guitars have been used by Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, David Bowie and others. At the museum there is a copy of Elvis guitar, Viking 2.

Visit this industrial and cultural treasures which, during its great time, exported goods all over the world. For opening hours click here.


About a 45 minutes drive from Älvdalen is Santaworld. Here children can meet Santa claus, watch theater and performances. Santaworld welcomes everyone, big or small, to a world of fantasy, sorcery and magic. Santaworld also houses the goblin kingdom, fairies ground, santas forest village, Hälge country and many other exciting places. A popular destination for families. Admission ticket can be purchased here at Hotel Älvdalen

Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Predator Park is located about 45 minutes drive from Älvdalen, here you can see bears, wolves, tigers and lynx. The park is the largest predator park in Europe and it’s no ordinary zoo, the animals live here in large enclosures with natural forest habitat. A fun outing for the whole family. You can buy entrance ticket here at the Hotel Älvdalen

Leksand Summer land

Leksand’s summer land is located about one hour´s drive from Älvdalen. Here are many exciting activities that suits children and young people of all ages – and of course, the parents too. The big attraction is Waterland, which has recently been equipped with heat pumps that provide a comfortable temperature between 28-30 degrees in the pools. If you like more speed and action there is one of the world’s longest white water rafting with a length of 300 meters, or 300 meter Zipline and high-adventure tracks for both children and adults to get along. One big favorite is Fun Laser Tag, which is a laser game, outdoors.

Last year’s news is the really popular water obstacle course, Wipe Out Siljan, where to get past all the fun obstacles found in the big track in Siljan. It was also built a brand new BMX pump track course, where the BMX track consists of masses of small hills, where it’s going to speed up pumping movements. In addition to these fun activities, they have a huge range of motor activities, carousels and other fun attractions. For more info read here!

Sweden’s oldest wooden storehouse

The church storehouse in Älvdalen is a timbered house located at the vicarge south of the church of Älvdalen, dendrochronically dated to 1285. The church storehouse was Sweden’s oldest dated profana wood building until 2008, when the tithe barn in Ingatorp in Småland proved to be half a century older. After that, the firehouse at Zorn’s old house has also been able to date (1237).

The doorways are beautifully ornate and on the walls there are some run inscription. In this building, the priest gathered and kept the tenth of the peasant’s annual harvest, such as grain, which was paid as a salary to him.

 Älvdalens golf club

Älvdalens golf club started in 1999. Since then, the golfing interest has grown and the club currently has about 120 members. At Porfyrdammen, right next to Älvdalen’s old porphyry factory in the village Näset, there is a Driving Lake. The tee is located at the seaside and you hit your balls in the pond. Here is also the first hole for the future 9-hole course. Clubs can be borrowed from us at Hotell Älvdalen and you can also buy tokens for 20 SEK, which gives you about 30 balls.

At present there is also a putting green, a chip area and two golf holes. Three new holes are under construction. For more info read here!

Älvdalens Ice hockey rink and Swimming Hall

Within 5 minutes walking distance from Hotell Älvdalen you will find Sweden’s northerly 50 m indoor pool, 60 m water slide, exercise pool, children’s pool, whirlpool, solarium and beach volleyball. In the summer you can go directly from the pool to 5000 m2 of grass areas for a beautiful sunbathing. Here you also will find a soccer field, street basketball and a ping pong table. Need a light meal, coffee, ice cream or candy, visit the cafeteria in the foyer.
For opening hours click here.

The ice rink is walled with the swimming pool. There is a full-size ice hockey rink and stands for 1100 spectators. To see the ice schedule click here.


In villages around Älvdalen there are several preserved cahelts. Torrlids cahelt are open to visitors in July. There are animals and a cozy cafe with self-made products. Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday. 11-17 and Friday – Sunday at. 11-17. A great outing for the whole family.

Traffic Training Courts

Professional drivers and motoring enthusiasts have come for generations to Monztabanan. Near to Eastriver is the rink where you get the chance to practice your driving on motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. We offer training year round, with instructors who will make you safer on the roads. Furthermore, we offer safe-driving on lake ice. Contact us at Hotel Älvdalen for booking.